2 Vitiligo Home Remedies that are quick, cheap and painless

lime is a great home remedy for vitiligoI used to think that home remedies is just some old wive’s tale being passed down. But I was proven dead wrong about this. Think about it. Anything that is passed down for generations, is bound to really work. Why go to the trouble of writing it up, and passing it down if it isn’t working?

Keep in mind that what we now consider as home remedies, was considered proper medicine  when it was first discovered. If these remedies has worked so well for so many years, why would anyone resort to expensive, artificial drugs?

I know it sometimes feels like the medical industry should have som expensive treatment that gets results quickly, but quite often the best results can be had from these home remedies.

Advantages of home remedies

I will be the first to admit that home remedies alone, won’t cure you completely from your Vitiligo. But they will give you a great start in the fight against this skin condition.

These home remedies are typically a much, much more natural way of keeping your condition under control. There are two major benefits associated with these:

  • These remedies tend to be much cheaper than modern day medicines and treatments
  • Since these remedies are more natural, it typically has no side effects

Please note that I do not recommend using home remedies alone as treatment for your Vitiligo. But it forms a vital part of your 5 step plan as laid out in the Natural Vitiligo Treatment system™ guide by Michael Dawson.

Remedy 1: Red Clay and Ginger Juice

Red clay is sold by many health stores, and is normally found along river beds. Make a mixture with equal parts red clay, and ginger juice and apply to your white patches. If applied early in the formation of Vitiligo, it can greatly reduce the spread of the condition.

Remedy 2: Basil Leaves and Lime Juice

Basil leaves and lime juice can be found at most good supermarkets, and definitely won’t break the bank. Mix the two in equal parts, and apply to the affected areas.

This mixture will assist in the production of melanin, which will restore the colour in your skin. For this mixture to be effective, apply twice a day.


As mentioned earlier, these remedies alone won’t cure your Vitiligo permanently. They will however reduce your symptoms, and when used as part of a holistic approach to prevent the potential causes of Vitiligo, can work wonders in curing your condition permanently.

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Veronica B.

My name is Veronica, and for years I struggled with Vitiligo. After doing plenty of research on this condition, I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge with others.