The 5 potential causes of Vitiligo

the possible causes of vitiligoUp until recently relatively little was known about the causes of Vitiligo. This has changed with the research done by Michael Dawson, author of Natural Vitiligo Treatment System™, over the last 12 years. Dawson suffered from this condition himself, and while working as a medical researcher, vowed to find a cure for this condition.

But before Dawson could find the cure, he first had to figure out what the possible causes for Vitiligo could be. One of the main reasons Mr. Dawson was struggling so much with dealing with Vitiligo, was the fact that no one could tell him what was causing his skin to turn white in patches.

This did not stop Dawson however.

Spending year upon year, and most of his free time researching the condition, he finally came upon 5 potential causes of Vitiligo. If you can eliminate these possible causes from your life, you will be able to limit the spread of your condition. Couple this with the 5 steps as laid out in Natural Vitiligo Treatment System™, and you can permanently recover from your Vitiligo.

It must be said that even with all the research in recent years, there still isn’t one single cause of Vitiligo. However there are 5 interlinking factors that are present in most cases.

Toxic Overload

This toxic overload comes about when the body consumes too many toxins. If the body consumes too many toxins over an extended period of time, your liver can’t get rid of them.

Once the rest of your body realizes that the liver isn’t coping with these toxins, other organs, including your skin tries to assist in purging these. The skin does this by drawing these chemicals to the surface, and this can cause damage cells. This damage will prevent the cells from producing the required amount of melanin (the chemical responsible for the colour in your skin).


When your immune system can’t distinguish between healthy melanin, and other dangers, it triggers an auto-immune response. This response often attacks the good cells (melanin), and this can lead to those patches of colourless skin.

Psychological Factors

stress can cause vitiligoThere is no limits to the damage that stress can cause your body. Serious health conditions, such as heart disease, can be the direct result of chronic stress.

Your skin can respond to stress in a similar way. This can lead to conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and Vitiligo.

Metabolic conditions

Your body must maintain a fine balance with its alkaline and acid levels. If the balance between these two is disturbed, it can impact on your cell’s ability to produce melanin.

To find out how you can boost your metabolism, make sure to read: 3 Changes to your diet that will help cure your Vitiligo

Glandular issues

Similar to the delicate alkaline\acid balance in your body, there is a vital balance of the right hormones and chemicals. These hormones and chemicals are produced by your adrenal and thyroid glands, and when these don’t function properly, it can lead to a number of health issues.

While it can’t be said that glandular issues are the main cause of Vitiligo, it is present in roughly half of all Vitiligo sufferers. I believe this is enough proof to prevent glandular issues as much as possible, when treating Vitiligo.


There are still many medical theories on the actual cause of Vitiligo. If you are doing your own research, you are bound to come across a few theories. One of these claim that genetics is the main cause, while others blame stress, hormones, emotional distress and severe sunburn.

Since so few doctors can agree on the cause, this leads to alot of confusion for patients. Because of the conflicting theories, doctors tend to treat the symptoms of Vitiligo, and not the cause. Often this results in patients chasing down the latest quick (read expensive) fix, without ever getting any real results.

The above 5 Vitiligo causes show up in the majority of sufferers. If you can address, and eliminate these causes, you will be close to getting your condition under control. Contain these causes, and follow the 5 Step plan from the Natural Vitiligo Treatment System™ and you can soon be rid of your Vitiligo.

Veronica B.

My name is Veronica, and for years I struggled with Vitiligo. After doing plenty of research on this condition, I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge with others.